Taxi Mobile WiFi

Taxi mobile wifi

Offering your customers Taxi Mobile WiFi is quickly becoming a very attractive option for many Taxi and Private Hire companies.

Having a mobile data network linked to a in car wireless router will allow your company to offer free WiFi to your customers while they are in your vehicle, giving them high speed 4G internet access on the move.

Benefits of Taxi Mobile WiFi

Foreign Customers

Customers visiting the UK from abroad may have no phone service in the UK or very high roaming charges, for these customers the ability to be picked up in a vehicle with mobile WiFi is a great value added service and can help your business secure repeat bookings from those clients over your competitors who are not offering the same Taxi mobile WiFi service

Mobile Payments

If your business is set up for, or is interested in adding, mobile payment options for journeys mobile WiFi can ensure your clients always have access to the internet to enable them to pay for the journey from the vehicle whilst on the move, reducing the risks associated with drivers carrying large amounts of cash and having to deal with change.

Social Media Offers

Being seen first is the name of the game and there is no better way of doing this than improving your social media presence. some companies are now offering discounts or preferential rates on some journeys to customers who like and follow their favourite taxi or private hire car firms on social media. With the addition of taxi mobile WiFi this is something you will be able to offer more frequently as you are not relying on customers to have access to their own mobile internet as they can use your in car WiFi

Customer Engagement

Mobile WiFi can either be offered free and open to your customers or they can be asked to log in to your vehicle WiFi in order to use it. This will enable you to collect data on your customers to use in other marketing and sales activities

To get started discussing the options contact us to ask us about mobile data for taxis