M2M SIM card data plans Explained

There are many reasons modern businesses such as Taxi firms need reliable M2M sim card data plans for their smart devices fitted in fleet or private hire vehicles. Whenever you access data over the internet from your phone, tablet, PDA or other device you are using mobile data. Modern smart devices have many reasons to use these M2M sim card data plans such as

  • browsing the web
  • using email
  • downloading music apps or games
  • using some mobile apps
  • using maps or sat nav application
  • vehicle tracking
  • taxi booking software

We specialise in M2M (Machine to Machine) SIM cards providing mobile data to the taxi industry and our packages come with different amounts of mobile data included, one you have used your allocated allowance we can either wait until your bill date when your allowance resets, add extra data as a one off or talk to you about increasing your data allowance.

Mobile Data Usage

There are numerous reasons why you might need mobile data and understanding how much data different activities require can help you predict how much allowance you need, here are some examples.

Email – Without adding attachments, the average email is around 10KB for personal emails – or 20 to 30KB, for work. With attachments, it can be anything from 500K for one photo, to several MB for larger files

Websites – The average website takes around 500KB to load. And an hour of browsing takes around 15MB.

Social media – Twitter uses very little data – Facebook uses more. Tweeting a message uses about 500KB, but if you’re uploading lots of photos, it’ll use more.

Music – Downloading one song uses around 3 to 10MB.

Sat Nav – Depending on how far you’re going, an average trip takes 15MB (based on 500KB for every screen refresh).

How much data might you need each month?

Roughly speaking:

500MB a month is enough to:

  • Browse for 6 hours
  • Send 8000 emails without attachments or 160 with attachments

1GB a month is enough to:

  • Browse for 11 hours
  • Send 16,000 emails without attachments or 300 with attachments

If you still have questions about M2M sim card data plans, get in touch and we will do our best to help.